Learn the knowledge, skills, and techniques to take control of your chronic pain with NewFrame.


What's NewFrame?

NewFrame offers the most effective techniques from pain science research into an easy-to-follow online program with months of learning material and helpful content for chronic pain.

Learn techniques for long-term pain relief, including:

  • Flare-up reduction methods

  • Pain neuroscience education

  • Cognitive skills for pain

  • Forming better habits

  • Nutritional principles for pain

  • Sleep hygiene and optimization

...And much more!

We created all our material with the help of lived-experiences from the chronic pain community. We even designed NewFrame to be used alongside your current medical team.

Want a preview of some of our content? Check out our free resources.


About NewFrame

As a team of physical therapists, we founded NewFrame to help those suffering from chronic pain. We recognized the day-to-day struggle that comes with living with chronic pain in many of our patients.

We've seen that if you're struggling with chronic pain, you've likely...

-Been doubted or dismissed by a doctor

-Felt like no one else understands the impact your pain has on your life

-Had to give up doing activities you love

-Spent countless hours searching for helpful things you can do yourself to help your pain

Seeing these frustrations come up time and time again, we set our sights on creating a program to help.


Our mission became to construct a helpful resource to change the lives of those living in chronic pain. Applying our own healthcare knowledge and experience was not enough, though. We're determined to create a program with input and perspective from those actually living with pain.


And so, together with the chronic pain community, we created NewFrame.

NewFrame is an online program/course with hours of evidence-based education and skills to help you overcome your chronic pain and take control of your life.

How NewFrame Works



Sign up for NewFrame to gain access to hours of pain-busting material that you can work through from the comfort of your home. 



Throughout the program, you'll come away with the essential knowledge about chronic pain and the skills to take control.



By implementing the program's techniques, you'll learn how to calm your system and begin living life in less pain.

>100 Million

People affected by chronic pain in the United States.


Increased annual cost of healthcare expenses for those living with chronic pain compared to the unaffected population.

>$600 Billion

Estimated annual national economic cost associated with chronic pain.

Is NewFrame Right For You?

Are you frustrated by any of the following?

  • A lack of effective treatments for your chronic pain.

  • Feeling doubted, dismissed, or thrown to the side by doctors and society.

  • Living in the dark about what’s going on with your pain.

Many of our users suffer from:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Wide-spread chronic pain

  • Chronic spine pain

  • Arthritis and long-standing joint Pain

Does this sound like you?


Still Wondering if NewFrame May Be Able to Help You?

Send us a message below, and we'll be happy to chat and see how NewFrame can help your pain!


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