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Create Value for Your Patients with Chronic Pain

NewFrame is a digital health platform that supports physical therapist's care for patients with chronic pain 

See how NewFrame can improve your clinical practice and add new reimbursement streams for pain care


What's NewFrame?

NewFrame is a web and mobile application that integrates right into your physical therapy practice to help support the care of your patients with chronic pain.

Pain and Lifestyle Education

NewFrame allows PTs to assign patients  pain neuroscience education and behavioral health modules to complete at home between PT visits. 

Health Tracking

Patients track how they feel between sessions helping them to understand which behaviors impact their pain. 

Build Better Habits

NewFrame helps providers give their patients resources and templates to facilitate health habit change.

Novel Reimbursement Streams

NewFrame provides a platform to allow physical therapy clinics to bill for the new  remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes that fit best for caring for patients with chronic conditions.

Patient Success Outside Your Clinic Walls

Chronic pain is a complicated, multifactorial condition that requires a comprehensive, holistic approach for optimal outcomes.

To support physical therapists in caring for these patients, our application provides patient education modules in pain neuroscience and five behavioral domains: Movement, sleep, cognitive, social, and nutrition.

These educational modules provide engaging, evidence-based material for patients to interact with between visits. Even more, patients can track their health and activities on the application as they take initiative towards their health. 


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Expand Your Revenue Streams

In 2022, to help improve the care of patients with chronic conditions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed several new CPT codes for physical therapists known as remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM).


NewFrame provides a regulation-standard digital platform to facilitate physical therapy billing and reimbursement for RTM with your patients. 


Support Your Patients 

  • The better patients understand how pain works, the better they can help themselves

  • NewFrame provides quality educational resources for patients to learn what most impacts their recovery​​​


More Time in Sessions

  • NewFrame amplifies educational messaging, reducing the need for repetitive patient education.

  • The digital application improves home program compliance, leading to more progression in sessions.


New Revenue Streams

  • 2022 CMS established new CPT codes for remote therapeutic monitoring.

  • NewFrame provides a platform to engage patients to facilitate RTM


Less Stress and Burnout

  • Caring for patients with chronic pain can be stressful without support. 

  • NewFrame empowers patients to take a more active approach to their care.


Is NewFrame Right For Your Clinic?

Here are a few questions to determine if NewFrame may be able to help your clinic.

  • Does your clinic treat patients with chronic pain?

  • Do you want to improve patient engagement and compliance?

  • Does your clinic believe in a biopsychosocial approach?

  • Is telehealth a feature, now or in the future, of your clinic?

  • Do you imagine your clinic innovating to include remote therapeutic monitoring as an additional revenue stream?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then NewFrame will absolutely enhance the value you can provide for your patients with pain.

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Still Wondering if NewFrame Can Help You?

If you'd like to learn more about NewFrame, remote therapeutic monitoring, or if your clinic is a good fit, please contact us for a call!



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