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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NewFrame?

What's NewFrame's mission?

Our mission is to help solve the worldwide chronic pain epidemic by becoming the leading digital health platform to support physical therapists' care for chronic pain patients. 

What problem does NewFrame solve?

Chronic pain is a highly prevalent health condition that significantly impacts patients' quality of life. Not only is chronic pain a growing and spreading epidemic, but it is often challenging to treat. In addition, with chronic pain, there's no single solution to solving someone's pain; it takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieve long-term improvement.

The current medical system leaves most providers with a lack of time, energy, finances, and training to deliver the proper care to those with chronic pain.

NewFrame helps solve these problems by:

  • Offering in-application patient educational resources for physical therapists to provide their patients resulting in improved patient independence and self-management.

  • Providing patients with an engaging and interactive application to improve home program adherence and behavioral change.

  • Granting the ability for physical therapists to see valuable and actionable data on patients' symptoms, goals, home activities, and educational interventions. 

  • Boosting reimbursement through the billing of new remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes. These may be utilized by physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians to monitor patients with chronic conditions, such as chronic pain. 

How does NewFrame work?

NewFrame provides an integrative digital platform to help support physical therapists (PTs) treating patients with chronic pain. NewFrame is intended to augment, not replace, the care PTs provide their patients. Patients engage in the application between sessions to maintain and progress their recovery attained during onsite PT visits. 


In addition, NewFrame allows PTs to engage in a novel, more holistic approach to the traditional physical therapy care model. 

Through NewFrame, you’ll be able to help patients:

  • Learn more about pain science to improve their independence and self-management

  • Build better health habits for their pain

  • Track their symptoms, improve their patient-provider communication, and monitor their home progress

What's the science behind NewFrame?

Chronic pain is a complicated, multi-faceted condition frequently treated by physical therapists. However, as more research emerges, one key theme becomes clear: chronic pain formation and maintenance have biological, psychological, and behavioral/lifestyle influences. 

As a result, it is difficult to achieve optimal patient outcomes through a single provider or intervention. Instead, clinical practice guidelines suggest that healthcare providers address patient education, psychosocial factors, home physical activity level, and self-management strategies in addition to traditional conservative care.

To date, physical therapists have sparse structure, training, and resources to effectively provide patients with standardized and effective resources per clinical practice guidelines.


Physical therapists face a dilemma with the need to vet the quality of individual  educational resources online or expensive patient courses. In addition, physical therapists lack resources to track and monitor behavioral and lifestyle changes patients undergo at home. 

NewFrame provides evidence-informed and engaging patient educational modules. Material within NewFrame is steeped within recent research findings in the pain science education and behavioral change realms. 

In addition, NewFrame provides further evidence-informed educational modules to support various habit and lifestyle changes that physical therapists can recommend to their patients and then track on the application. 

Why was NewFrame created?

As co-founding physical therapists, we've spent years working with patients in chronic pain. During our time helping patients, we came to several realizations. 


First and foremost, the current medical system often lacks the time, attention, and resources required by people in chronic pain. As a result, many patients in pain often feel doubted, dismissed, and discarded by the medical system. In turn, physical therapists often become the last stop for those suffering in pain, leading to physical therapists experiencing stress, fatigue, and burnout. Therefore, we believe that patients and physical therapists need more when it comes to pain management. 


Second, many interventions promised by medical providers focus on what they can do for patients with pain. Some of these passive treatments, surgeries, and medications can work tremendously and are truly necessary for chronic pain treatment. However, we genuinely believe that patients need to have actionable skills, habits, and techniques to take control of their pain in addition to their care team. In addition, this decreases the stress and pressure of physical therapists needing to provide their patients with a "quick fix" solution.


Finally, there is a wealth of new research surrounding the science of pain and how to improve it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to adopt and practice many more modern pain science principles. This is why we created NewFrame - to do some heavy lifting regarding applying these principles. NewFrame is a way to provide your patients with up-to-date, educational information about pain and improve their understanding, clarity, and hope surrounding chronic pain. 

What's Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

There are two main categories of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT codes. These categories are timed codes and untimed codes. Clinics can bill timed codes while reviewing patient inputted subjective data, changing goals/ plan of care, and talking to the patient about their activities at home, as you can see through the application.

The other type of codes include untimed CPT codes. These codes surround the usage of the application. Therefore, if patients input data routinely, you can bill these codes. 

There are many further details surrounding RTM. For a deeper dive into RTM, please keep a look out for an RTM primer that we will be producing soon.

How does NewFrame help with reimbursement?

NewFrame provides a platform for physical therapy clinics to engage in the new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) billing practices. 

To charge for an RTM CPT code, a physical therapy clinic must utilize a digital application with the capacity to collect subjective patient data. Data captured by the application validates the charging for RTM codes. Subjective patient data can include patients inputting and tracking their symptoms or activities on the device. NewFrame provides a platform with a smooth patient interface and a portal for providers to capture subjective patient data.   

Please see here for more exact details on the various types of RTM codes.

Not only do these RTM codes give a new revenue source, but they also allow clinics a billing outlet during times of low productivity. 

How can NewFrame help support my clinical practice?

NewFrame can help support your clinical practice in three main ways:

  1. Engaging your patients to take a more active approach to their own care building greater autonomy, self-reliance, and independence

  2. Guiding your practice through educational resources and courses to boost your care of patients with chronic pain

  3. Improving gross reimbursement through the capability of billing for new remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes and reduce denials through supporting of decisions through data

What are the other benefits with NewFrame for physical therapists?

With NewFrame we hope to bring other ancillary benefits such as:

  • Greater care provider satisfaction with treatment of patients with chronic pain

  • The opportunity to provide a novel treatment care models leading to decreased burn out for healthcare providers

  • Saved time in sessions for physical therapists to focus on their specialty areas.

What benefits does NewFrame offer patients?

A quick list of benefits NewFrame offers patients include:

  • The ability to track symptoms, medications, and lifestyle modifications

  • Offer in-house educational content to support your care through pain neuroscience education and lifestyle modifications principles

  • A central hub in which they’re able to contact their care provider

  • The ability to sync smart devices to better track their activities

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