Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is NewFrame?


NewFrame is an online program that helps you improve your chronic pain through habit and behavior change. Our actionable and science-based program guides you through improving your sleep, movement, nutrition, and mental health while living with chronic pain.


How will NewFrame help my chronic pain?


If you've been living with chronic pain, you've likely tried many things that haven't quite worked out. Perhaps you've purchased different supplements, signed up for yoga, or attempted to lose weight, but it just hasn't been enough. At this point, you may not be sure where to go or what to do from here.

NewFrame will provide you with the knowledge, habits, and skills to live life with less pain. Our online program begins by teaching you the latest evidence and science behind chronic pain and why it lasts.

After learning how pain works, we teach you the steps to make a difference. NewFrame guides you through actionable skills and habits within the realms of sleep, nutrition, movement, social and cognitive sciences to help you overcome your pain.


What does using NewFrame look like?


When you sign up for NewFrame, you'll gain access to interactive online modules accessible on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone dedicated to improving these five domains. Each domain contains videos, interactive surveys, activities, quizzes, and evidence-based reading content. You can learn and engage with each section at your own pace and from the safety and comfort of your own home.

NewFrame's goal is to help you take easy and effective action for your pain. To do this, we have various methods, tips, and checkpoints to help implement new inclusive and accessible habits and behaviors into your day-to-day life.


What principles is NewFrame founded upon? Are the concepts research-backed?


Over the past five years in the pain research world, there has been substantial advancement in understanding how chronic pain works. Central in these theories of what helps keep pain "chronic" is the idea of "sensitivity" within the nervous system. Sensitivity is a complex phenomenon arising from various sources, including, but not limited to, a history of trauma, persistent injury, rare disease, inflammatory conditions, and psychological distress. 


When one has a sensitized nervous system, the nervous system becomes a bit too good at producing real, physical pain regardless of their diagnosis or condition. Think of a sensitive nervous system as an "overprotective alarm system" within the body. Light touch, small movements, and minor stressors can generate tremendous pain, fatigue, brain fog, GI distress, and many more symptoms. 


NewFrame provides a deep understanding of how sensitivity works within the nervous system and the knowledge, skills, and habits to help you decrease your sensitivity while living a healthier, happier life. No matter your diagnosis or condition, decreasing the sensitivity of your nervous system can make a significant change to your body and your pain.

I've tried physical therapy, meditating, eating better, losing weight, trying to sleep better, and a million other things. Still, they never seem to really apply to me. How is NewFrame different?

We agree and believe that many efforts for chronic pain often don't work for several reasons. First and foremost - Activities designed to provide pain relief are simply not designed for those with pain.


Most activities that doctors, friends, and family suggest are not created from the standpoint of someone actually experiencing chronic pain. Many prescribed habits or activities, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, sleep, or exercise, fail to meet you at the level where you stand, leaving you frustrated and without relief.  


NewFrame delivers inclusive, comprehensive and accessible educational information, habits, and skills to help you get started on the right foot. We designed everything within NewFrame for those truly experiencing pain.


For example, we will guide you through habits and steps to go from "painsomnia" to a better night's sleep. We'll provide tailored movement activities for those that struggle to exercise without paying for it. We even curate and distill the latest evidence and research literature on pain into bite-sized, understandable, and actionable reading material.

Am I the right person to see improvement from NewFrame?


Here are three questions to determine if NewFrame may be able to help you.

  1. Do you have chronic pain? 

  2. Are you interested in learning more about how chronic pain works? 

  3. Are you committed to making habit changes in your life to improve your pain? 


If the answer to these three questions is yes, then NewFrame is designed for you. The concepts and features in NewFrame are excellent for those who have persistent pain, such as fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, arthritis, and more. 


What can I expect to experience after using NewFrame? 


Using NewFrame, you will come away with a deeper sense of clarity on why you hurt and what you can do about it. After working through NewFrame, you’ll begin to develop easy-to-follow habits that, with time, will provide you the environment for healing, improvement, and the ability to reclaim your life from pain. If you look to become knowledgeable, confident, and actionable over your pain, NewFrame is right for you. 


Will I see results quickly? How much content am I actually getting with NewFrame?


Several skills we teach, such as diaphragmatic breathing, may help reduce your pain quite quickly. However, the primary goal of NewFrame is to help you develop habits for slow but long-term change within your brain and body. To do this, NewFrame includes months' worth of valuable content for you to learn, interact, and implement in your life.  


Why was NewFrame created?


As co-founder physical therapists, we've spent years working with patients in chronic pain. During our time helping patients, we came to several realizations. 


First and foremost, the current medical system lacks the time and attention that people in pain require to really get the best care. Many patients in pain often feel doubted, dismissed, and discarded by the medical system. We believe that you need more when it comes to your pain.


Second, many interventions promised by medical providers focus on what they can do to you with pain. This may work in some situations, but we genuinely believe that you need to have actionable skills, habits, and techniques to decrease your pain.


Finally, there is a wealth of new research surrounding the science of pain and how to improve it. Many healthcare providers have yet to adopt many of these more modern views of pain science. NewFrame is a way to deliver up-to-date, educational information about pain to provide understanding, clarity, and hope in your situation.  


Can I still take my pain medication or still see my doctor/PT/healthcare team while using NewFrame?


Absolutely. NewFrame is not a specific medical intervention and does not take the place of any medical intervention, such as seeing your doctor, engaging in rehab, or taking any prescribed medications. 


We believe the educational content within NewFrame is even more successful when used alongside your pain management team. Even better, NewFrame can bolster your confidence and independence within the medical system, allowing you to get the most out of your current medical care. 


Is NewFrame saying my pain is all in my head?


We understand this - Your chronic pain is not imaginary, and you shouldn't let anyone convince you otherwise. In fact, one of the number one frustrations of having chronic pain is the experience of being doubted, dismissed, and discarded by society. 


When it comes to pain, we have learned from science and research that pain is a complex phenomenon that involves the nervous system, including the brain. You can think of pain acting similarly to other sensations, such as eyesight, hearing, or feeling. You don't just "makeup" or "imagine" your vision!  


Because of our increased scientific understanding of pain, we can use various skills and techniques within NewFrame to improve your body and brain's ability to decrease pain.



What do I need to access NewFrame and follow the program?


You can access NewFrame on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with internet access. That is the only requirement needed!


I’ve had pain for years. I’m not sure anything will ever change that...


Research studies and our own experience has demonstrated the ability for the brain and body to make change, regardless of your age or condition. Yet, often, most people with chronic pain do not have the resources, skills, habits, and team to put themselves in a genuine situation to succeed. 


With NewFrame, we help you take your first steps in the right direction. 


What background do the creators of NewFrame have? 


Wes and Tyler have a background as licensed physical therapists specializing in orthopedic care and have significant experience helping patients with chronic pain. 


How do I claim my money-back guarantee? What if it doesn’t work for me?


If NewFrame doesn’t help you out within 30 days, simply email us at, and we will facilitate a full refund with no hassle. 


Suffering from chronic pain is expensive and limits my financial capabilities. What if I can’t afford NewFrame?


We don’t want money to be the reason you aren’t able to improve your life. However, if you are genuinely struggling financially, please tell us your story at We are happy to try and work with you and your situation to promote inclusion and access to pain relief.


Where will my money go?


All money we collect from NewFrame goes towards improving the program and creating a sustainable business. Furthermore, we dream of transforming NewFrame into a mobile application accessible to the millions worldwide with chronic pain. As clinicians without developer skills or experience, we will need to raise money to make this dream come true.

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